So, what's up?

First - I hope you are having a great day!
If you aren't and you are here because your business or personal books are in disarray and you need help, then read on!

So, why work with me for your bookkeeping services? 
A bit about my background first?

I was educated in the UK and went to University in England for Metallurgy and Materials Science.  My first job was with an orthopaedic company where I learned about how materials are key in joint replacements.  I held a series of jobs with increasing responsibility.  I switched to Marketing and then to IT, eventually becoming VP of IT for Johnson & Johnson at one of their divisions.  I worked very closely with the Finance Department and partnered with the company Chief Financial Officer in developing financial procedures and controls the company was approximately 1 billion in annual sales.
I decided to leave J&J at the end of 2008 and moved to Colorado where I opened a small retail shop which I developed until 2018.  It was a solo-enterprise and if you have owned and run your own business, you know what's involved!    One key activity (besides keeping the bathroom clean) was making sure I knew what my financial situation was at all times.   Budgeting for investments, knowing what my fixed costs were etc. were all key in managing my business.
I'm here to help you develop your business to the next level.