So, what's up?

First - I hope you are having a great day!
If you aren't and you are here because your business or personal books are in disarray and you need help, then read on!

So, why work with me for your bookkeeping services? 
A bit about my background first?

I was educated in the UK and went to University in England for Metallurgy and Materials Science.  My first job in the UK was with an orthopaedic company where I learned about how materials are key in joint replacements.  I held a series of jobs with increasing responsibility and was lucky to be given an opportunity to move to the USA and work in Marketing and then IT.   Eventually becoming VP of IT for a well-known Pharmaceutical company at one of their divisions where I worked very closely with the Finance Department in developing financial procedures and controls, including Sarbanes-Oxley procedures.  The company was approximately 1 billion in annual sales at the time I decided it was time to go and do things for myself.  At the end of 2008 I moved from California to Colorado where I opened a small retail shop which I developed until 2018.  It was a solo-enterprise and if you have owned and run your own business, you know what's involved!    One key activity (besides keeping the bathroom clean) was making sure I knew what my financial situation was at all times.   Budgeting for investments, knowing what my fixed costs were etc. were all key in managing my business.  
In my spare time I make and sell pottery and dabble in photography!

These experiences make me uniquely qualified to support small business owners, and creatives in particular.  I'm here to help you develop your business to the next level and it would be an honor to do so!

I know many bookkeepers have set packages for services and a set price.  I can certainly do that if you prefer to have a set bill per month, in my experience months can vary wildly in terms of how much support you need...    quarterly sales tax?  annual income tax prep?  thinking about selling your business? how about expanding and taking on a part-time employee or a contractor?  These events may not be frequent, but can take up quite a bit of time for a bookkeeper but in many months perhaps only a couple of hours.  For this reason, more and more, I'm billing based on time spent vs. a set price.  I'm happy to work with you on a budget per month, if it gets close to that I'll let you know and you can decide what you'd like to do.  It's flexible and I work around how best you like to work.  Need someone to pester you on things that need doing?  Just say the word...  click the envelope to shoot me an email!