About Me

I've had a lifelong adventure with photography, an interest I inherited from my Dad who was a professional photographer in England.  My first "big" purchase at 13 yrs old was a Pentax ME Super - that camera went everywhere with me.  These days it's Canon and the 5D Mk IV is my go-to.

I have a studio at my home in Larkspur, CO and love to edit and restore images as well as capture - my photography style is documentary but will edit images to a photographer's preferred style.  

I'm definitely a techie type and love to learn new things.. gadgets, software, home automation you name it!  I'm always working on learning a new technique to achieve a better, faster result than before.   I love all the Adobe® apps - Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign and rapidly learning PremierePro.  I do use ON1 and have a range of overlays, some are images I have taken myself others are purchased.

Tiny Print:  This photograph is not of me!  

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PO Box 560

Larkpsur, CO 80118


Tel: on request

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