The Photo Editors Services

Discretion is our middle name - if you are a photographer looking to outsource your editing activities to focus on developing your client base, look no further.  We won't share your imagery, nor that we work with you without your permission.

We work only with the copyright holder for all images submitted to us for editing/retouching services. 


Please note: If you are not the photographer and have not purchased the copyright for the images from the photographer, we will refer you back to the photographer for any editing you wish to have done.  

Our photography editing service generally consists of "general" editing for a series of  25 or more images for the copyright holder*.  General editing includes contrast, color balance, light balance, sharpening, resizing and limited skin softening and blemish removal.   
File types: RAW or jpg
Prices start at $0.75 per image for Adobe® Lightroom work.
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Our photography retouching service can be for a copyright holder's* single image.  Examples: head-swapping, photobomber removal, extensive skin restoration, overlay additions, frequency separation (great for astro-photography) etc..  This can be an add-on to our editing service on an as-needed basis or for 1 or more images that have already been edited. 
File types: RAW or jpg
Prices around $5/image for Adobe® Photoshop or similar depending on work required.
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Our image scanning and restoration service is designed to preserve!  With an optional pickup and delivery service (local area), we are able to scan your old photographs, slides, negatives or documents and deliver digital versions via USB drive or CD disc.  Prices vary depending on various factors.  High resolution scanning with a digital file with basic contrast, color, exposure correction and dust removal starts at $0.50 per item with a $30 minimum.
Full restoration services are available - please ask us for a quote.
Image types: color/B&W slides and negatives, postcards, documents, correspondence, printed photographs up to 85" x 11", tintype photographs.
Prices start at $0.50 per item for slides and 5x7" photographs.
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